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Non-Commercial Bioacoustics Sensors

posted Sep 8, 2020, 8:10 AM by MUHAMMAD MUN`IM AHMAD ZABIDI


Amira Boulmaiz et al used TMS320C6713 DSK. Target is waterbirds in Algeria. Features:
  • Tonal region detector using sigmoid function
  • MFCC post-processed by spectral subtraction
  • SVM classifier

  • Boulmaiz, Amira, et al. "Design and implementation of a robust acoustic recognition system for waterbird species using TMS320C6713 DSK." International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence (IJACI) 8.1 (2017): 98-118. Link at publisher. $$$


Hervás et al used Zynq FPGA to detect Eurasian bittern (Botaurus stellaris). Paper title says endangered species. It is not. IUCN classification is "Least Concern". Features:
  • Wireless acoustic sensor network (WASN)
  • MFCC in frames of 30 ms with 50% overlap. Filter bank of 48.
  • Classifier is Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM). Computation cost is 225,920 FLOP per 30 ms frame.
  • 49,156 clock cycles needed to compute MFCC  or about 500 μs.
  • Hervás, Marcos, et al. "An fpga-based wasn for remote real-time monitoring of endangered species: A case study on the birdsong recognition of botaurus stellaris." Sensors 17.6 (2017): 1331. Link at publisher. Open Access

Tiva C Microcontroller

Küc̣üktopcu et al used Tiva C microcontroller. Not much else is known openly. Keywords used at publisher site:
  • Spectral noise gating
  • MFCC


  • Küc̣üktopcu, Okan, et al. "A real-time bird sound recognition system using a low-cost microcontroller." Applied Acoustics 148 (2019): 194-201. Link at publisher. $$$