Master's by Research

ASIC Design of Fast Dynamic MAC for CNN
Student: Lee Mei Xiang:

Master's by Course

Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Messages Using Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
Student: Ong Jun Ying

FPGA Implmentation of Winograd Algorithm
Student: Michel Hoh Xin Jie

Voice Activity Detection (VAD) on Embedded Devices
Student: Ng Boon Khai

Keyword Spotting of Malay and Chinese Speech by Deep Neural Networks (DNN)
Student: Goh Ya Tang

Bachelor's in EE

FPGA Implmentation of MFCC Algorithm
Student: Daraniswaran

Keyword Spotting of Malay and Chinese Speech on Raspberry Pi
Student: Jong Ee Jeoung

Face Detection Using Histogram of Oriented Gradients
Student: Najmi Jafree

Facial Emotion Detection Using Deep Neural Networks (DNN)
Student: Gan Hui Leng

Software Engineering Class Project

Class Attendance System Based on Django and Face Recognition
Students: Abdikarim Mohamed Ibrahim, Aymen Saad Abd Alameer & Haider Ali

Personal Project: Identifying Birds by Vocalization