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Research & Projects

My specialization and research interests:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bioacoustics
  • Digital systems design
  • Distant engineering education

Student projects for the current academic year (2018/2019 Semester 2 ending June 2019).
Student Title Degree
Goh Ta Yang Multilingual End-to-End Keyword Spotting Master's
Michel Hoh Xin Jie
OpenCL Implementation of Winograd Algorithm Master's
Ng Boon Khai Verilog Implementation of Voice Activity Detector Masters
Ong Jun Ying Sentiment Analysis of Informal Malay Tweet using Deep Learning Master's
Daraniswaran Thiagarajan OpenCL Implementation of Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficient Bachelor's
Muhammad Najmee bin Jafree Facial Recognition using OpenCV for Attendance System Bachelor's

Open Titles for upcoming semester:
  • Bird Species Identificaion using Audio Spectrograms and Deep Learning
  • Bird Species Identification using Transfer Learning on Images
  • Wake-Up-Word (WUW) Detection using LSTM and CNN