Muneim's Milestones

Brown Shrike (Lanius cristatus)  shot on campus

Hey there! I'm Mun'im Zabidi, and I'm a lecturer in computer engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. My areas of expertise include artificial intelligence, digital systems design, embedded systems, and software engineering. Recently, my focus has been on machine learning on resource-constrained devices. 

I'm also an avid photographer with a special interest in birds and aircraft.

Help yourself to the resources at this site! 

This site is under reconstruction. Some links may not work. Send email to me at if you want to access something not yet re-published.

My latest teaching module.

MKEL1123 Advanced Microprocessors

SKEE2263 Digital Systems

SKEE1123 Digital Electronics

SKEL4273 CAD with HDL

SEEL4213 Software Engineering

Data and Computer Communications 

Software Engineering for Engineers, self-published, 2022.

The Art of Digital Design, self-published, 2021.

A Book on Digital Electronics, Penerbit Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 2019.

Sistem Terbenam dengan Mikropemproses 68000, Penerbit UTM, 2011.

 Asas Organisasi Sistem Komputer,  Penerbit UTM, 1996.

 Pengaturcaraan C dengan IBM PC, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 1995.